Record high quality video calls with your phone

RUUM App helps you to record a video call in the highest possible quality for your Youtube, Instagram and TikTok.

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Record high quality video calls with local video recording technology.

During a video call, the video from your camera is saved to the phone's memory in its original (not compressed) format, and after the end of the call, it is stitched on the server with the video recording of your interlocutor. The application allows you to record video calls in FullHD and 4K.

  • The final video will never have any interference caused by a poor Internet connection;
  • High quality recording will make your content more enjoyable to watch;
  • Immediately after the end of the recording, the video is available for download to all participants in the video call.

How do I use Ruum?

Open the app and call a friend

Turn on the camera and start recording

Download the recording to your phone or computer

Reviews Users

What are Ruum Users Saying?

Our users are constantly finding new ways to use the Ruum app:

Our users are constantly finding new ways to use the Ruum app:

Application for journalists!

When I am engaged in journalism, I record interviews with the heroes of my shows to share their opinion with my audience.

Recording video reviews

I use Ruum to get video feedback from my project contributors to post on my Youtube channel and Instagram.


I am recording video through the Ruum app for my TikTok account. It's fun, I like it, and my followers like it.


Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Ruum is only available for iPhone and iPad. It can only be installed via the App Store. Open the App Store on your iPhone, go to the Search tab and enter "Ruum 4K" in the search bar. Find the app and click on the install button.

The Zoom app does allow recording a video conference, but it only records on the host's computer. Firstly, with the help of Zoom, you will not be able to start recording on the phone: you will definitely need a computer, and secondly, with the help of Ruum, you will be able to record a video call in the highest possible quality, while Zoom only allows you to record compressed video, acceptable for video communication. but no longer good enough to publish to a large audience. Watch our video review, in which we compare the quality of video and sound recorded with Ruum and other programs.

Exclusive rights to video content belong to the participants in the video call.

No! We have provided many scenarios for disconnecting during a call and we can assure you that even if the phone is completely discharged, the recorded video will be saved in the phone's memory and sent to the server for processing the next time the application is turned on. Therefore, if you are going to interview a very famous person through the Ruum app, rest assured - the app will not let you down!

We use Amazon Web Services to keep our servers running. All videos are stored in AWS S3 cloud storage. The records from the server are deleted 3 months after the last login to the application.

By default, only you and your interlocutor have access to the recorded videos. A unique link is generated for each recorded video. You can share this link with your friends, and then they will also have access to the video.

Yes, click on the “More” button in the app next to the recorded video.

Yes, you can completely delete recorded videos from our servers right in the Ruum app. By deleting the video from yourself, you will also delete this video from your interlocutor.

We collect statistical information such as the number of calls, the duration of the calls, the number of videos recorded by the user, the length of the videos recorded, the selected video recording quality, the phone model, and we save error reports in the Ruum app while using it.

Didn't find the answer to your question?Write to us, we will be happy to help.

* Only available for iPhone and iPad from Apple